Information by Grade Level K-12

Play is the work of pre-school children, and imitation is their natural way of learning. The teacher’s loving, joyful attitude to the children and the events of each day are of central importance. Our faculty creates an environment where natural beauty, warmth, and security abound in a warm, inspiring setting. This approach encourages a child’s imagination and sense of wonder for the world around them.

Elementary Years

The Foundation is Established

At the elementary level, our faculty provides students with a safe, nurturing environment ideal to meet the tremendous need for discovery and quest for answers during this period. These critical years help pave the way for future successes as the fundamentals of all disciplines are presented and explored.

The Teacher as Guide and Mentor

Gently guided by our high-skilled faculty, students explore their world both in and out of the classroom. This includes monthly excursions to discover and explore the world around them to make real their classroom experience. Enrichment classes in science, music, art, computer, and physical education supplement core studies.

Character, Morality, Belief Systems Nurtured

During the elementary years, belief systems and foundational character traits are developed. This critical period is carefully mentored and guided during classroom studies and weekly chapels. As students begin to integrate solid moral and character concepts into their awareness, they learn to respect the dignity of those around them and work in a positive, affirming ways with others.

Middle School

Change and growth are the hallmarks of our Middle school students. The unique characteristics of this age group are carefully guided and given special attention by our middle school faculty. The number of changes in the students’ physical, intellectual, social, and educational growth is a wonderful time of discovery for them.

Journey of Self Discovery

Students develop greater self-awareness and confront a wider range of choices. They are eager to learn yet desire more freedom and less structure. Understanding this, our highly trained faculty exhibits extreme care to model and integrate Biblical standards of attitudes, conduct, and speech in their affirming, nurturing classrooms

Freedom to be Themselves

Our middle school faculty assists each student in discovering the wonder of a moral self-concept and the strength of self-empowerment. Students are encouraged to embrace their unique strengths and provoked to embrace the transition into young adulthood with the support of their safe, affirming school family.

Preparing for the Next Stage

During grades nine through 12, students are equipped to move out of the school’s affirming community into the adventures of college, adulthood and the world beyond… As in every CS Lewis Academy classroom, students integrate solid moral and character concepts into their awareness. At this level, they learn to refine their skills of respect and affirmation of those around them and work in positive, affirming ways with others.

College Preparatory Curriculum

While some students choose career paths apart from college, those seeking university admission are well equipped with skills in all disciplines and above all, thinking. With this in mind, our faculty leads students through a variety of college preparatory curriculum, with classes emphasizing the refinement of essential skills.

Path Paved for Future Success

In addition to rounding out academic studies, students get practical understanding and experience in the subjects of leadership, integrity and logic, and organizational management. As a result, with academic skills well established and with strong moral and biblically based ethics, our students graduate on a path towards academic and life success.

C.S. Lewis Academy College & Career Center

C.S. Lewis Academy College & Career Center is dedicated to providing resources that entice students to begin meaningful planning and informed decision-making about their future. We look forward to working with students and families to plan for life after C.S. Lewis. Whether a student will attend college or a university, join the armed forces or other service organization, or begin immediately to move up a career ladder, we have helpful information. Make an appointment to meet with us if we can help you in any way.