Philosophy – When winning is kept in perspective, CSLA’s sports programs will produce students who feel good about themselves, respect others, accept responsibilities, strive for excellence, improve skills, have fun, and always show good sportsmanship during competition.

Participation, involvement, and being able to play are far more important than winning a particular game or having the best win/loss record. Developing the individual is the focus; competition is merely the tool. Winning is an important objective in sports. To not seek victory is to be a dishonored competitor, but winning must not be overemphasized. Students must be taught that success is found in striving for victory. The important concept is that if they give their maximum effort there will be no losers.

2017 Soccer Highlight Video

2016-17 Watchmen Basketball Highlight Video

2016-17 Watchmen Soccer Highlight Video


2015-16 Watchmen Boys Basketball Highlight Video

2015 Watchmen Soccer Highlight Video

2014-15 Watchmen Athletics Highlight Videos




Parents Meeting

The annual Watchmen parent’s meeting will be held in late August, date and time TBD, in the gym.  Parents of all student-athletes, of all sports, grades 3-12 are asked to attend.

Varsity Soccer and Volleyball team parent meetings will follow.

Start Up Information


*More detailed information is in the Registration packet.

Home School/Grade-Middle School Student-Athletes

Sorry, our association with the Metro Christian League prevents us from allowing home school students to participate at the grade school or middle school levels.


We are excited to welcome new student-athletes to the C.S. Lewis community by way of our home school athlete program. However, it is our duty to protect C.S. Lewis Academy by making sure we are in full compliance with the regulations pertaining to student-athlete eligibility.

  • Since we are under the governance of the Oregon School Activities Association (OSAA) the requirements are somewhat extensive.  While the needed forms for a home school student-athlete are available in our REGISTRATION  PROCESS, please evaluate the information below to prevent any eligibility issues.
  1. For your student-athlete to be considered a “home school” student, you MUST meet all criteria as outlined on the OSAA Parents Checklist.  This checklist is included in the home school online registration process for CSLA, but can be referenced on the OSAA site at:
  2.  There is also a full pamphlet of information located at:
  3. Questions and Answers from the State of Oregon:
  4. A student who is enrolled full time at another OSAA member or associate member school (recent suggestions have been Estacada Charter and Connections Academy), would not typically be a home school student and would not be allowed the athletics eligibility provisions of a home school student. In most of these cases the student may be allowed to participate in athletics at his/her local public school, but not CSLA.
  5. The athletics eligibility process starts with registration with the ESD. Here is a link for the Willamette ESD (serving Yamhill County) If you don’t live in that district, you’ll have to refer to the ESD serving your area.
  6. In a discussion with the OSAA, it was emphasized that as a home school parent, you must be diligent in following Oregon State law. You can find the pertinent State laws and statutes linked from the ESD site. Please review the checklist. If you have been home schooling for some time and have not previously participated at CSLA, you will need to obtain information showing you are registered with the ESD.
  7. One time only, you will need to complete the School Representation Eligibility Certificate.


  • 3rd – 5th grade Coed Soccer – Fall
  • 4th – 6th grade Girls Basketball – Winter
  • 4th – 6th grade Boys Basketball – Winter
  • 3rd – 4th grade Coed Basketball – Spring


Middle School:

  • 6th – 8th Girls Volleyball– Fall
  • 6th – 8th Coed Soccer – Fall
  • 6th – 8th grade Girls Basketball – Winter
  • 6th – 8th grade Boys Basketball – Winter
  • 6th – 8th grade Coed Track – Spring

High School:

  • Varsity Girls Volleyball – Fall
  • Varsity Coed Soccer– Fall
  • Varsity Girls Basketball – Winter
  • Varsity Boys Basketball – Winter
  • JV Boys Basketball – Winter
  • Varsity Coed Track – Spring
  • Varsity Coed Golf – Spring


All Watchmen Athletics schedules are kept on SCHEDULE STAR/BIG TEAMS and our school GOOGLE Calendar.



General information on the Athletics Policies and the CSLA Eligibility Rules can be found  in the CSLA Parent-Student Handbook.

Link here for the Parent/Student Handbook.  Then go to the ATHLETICS section.