When a student-athlete earns their first varsity letter at CSLA, they receive the varsity CSL chenille letter, and the appropriate sport specific patch.  With each subsequent lettered sport, they receive the sport specific patch.  Each subsequent year lettering in a sport, they receive a year bar.

The purchase of a letter winner jackets are up to individual families.   There are several suppliers in the area, but the one we have used most recently is Lahaies, located in Hillsboro.  If interested, you should work directly with Lahaies.   If you have questions, or need replacement bars or sports patches, please contact Mr. Wallo.  More info is available here:  http://www.lahaies.com

Letter winner jackets are roughly $175-$200 plain, with embellishments adding on to that cost.  Large patches (nickname, grad year, championship, etc. ) can add $125-$150 additional to the total cost.

The traditional letterman’s jacket with a crimson body and gold piping is our preferred color scheme.


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