What is scrip, you may be wondering? Our Scrip Card program is back again this year and we hope to make it more profitable than ever before! Please help support our school by purchasing gift cards as a part of this program. In case you are not familiar with Scrip, here is a quick reference:

  • It’s a $1 for $1 exchange — $10 gift card for $10! NO cost to you!
  • You are already spending money on groceries—make it count for CS Lewis!
  • You do not have to buy anything you don’t ordinarily need to buy anyway!
  • CS Lewis receives between 3% – 43% profit from a participating store (see order form for exact)
  • You get help CSLA without having to buy things you don’t want or need!
  • EVERYONE can participate & do their part! It is individual based shopping!
  • Complete you scrip order form at home!
  • Nearly 100 local & national stores and restaurants from which to choose!
  • No minimum order! You can order $5 or $5000!
  • Helps you budget money & plan ahead!
  • Gift cards make the perfect gift for the holidays & special events!
  • Gas light just turn on?? …think Scrip
  • Need a treat for the class—tomorrow?? …think Scrip
  • Grocery shopping?? …think Scrip
  • Mmmmm…coffee break!! …think Scrip
  • $5 Movie Tuesday at Sherwood Regal Cinemas?? … think Scrip
  • Use gift cards for everything! Groceries, clothing, home goods, movies, dinners!
  • Kohl’s Wednesday Sale?? …think Scrip
  • Birthday/anniversary/holiday gift?? …think Scrip
  • Shopping at the mall?? …think Scrip
  • Burgerville dine-out?? …think Scrip
  • Amazon.com?? …think Scrip
  • Dinner date?? …think Scrip
  • Oil change due?? …think Scrip
  • Shopping for prom?? …think Scrip
  • Need new shoes?? …think Scrip
  • Teacher Appreciation?? …you get the idea!!

You can order gift cards for these ideas and many, many more!! Check out the Scrip order form for even more ideas!

How do I order and when?

Order forms are always available at the school office and here online. Once you complete your order form, turn it into the school office by 3pm Monday, with your check payable to ‘CS Lewis Academy’ & ‘scrip’ in the memo. Just run in and drop it off! Your gift cards will be available for pick up from the office Friday of the same week.  We’ll make it a quick and easy stop!

Remember: Fred Meyer and Burgerville Scrip are kept in stock and available immediately!

It’s EASY! It’s CONVENIENT! It’s FUN! And, it WORKS!

Please support CS Lewis Academy! Use Gift Cards for ALL your weekly shopping, gifts or maybe even your business!

If you have questions regarding the Scrip Program, contact any of the CSLA office administrative assistants.